Currently, there is existence of four essential features that usually come with a car insurance policy that an individual will be able to know about them. These car insurance policies usually cover against property damage, bodily injury, collision, and comprehensive coverages. The property damage and bodily injury coverage are categorized under liability coverage and is needed in almost all countries. The collision and comprehensive coverage are classified under an individual’s auto policy. Comprehensive and collision coverage are necessary to the firm from which the person are financing or leasing one’s vehicle.


Coverage against bodily injury

truckIf a person is found at fault by the insurance company for any automobile accident, the expenses incurred during the crash will be paid or settled by use of the bodily injury coverage. The lost wages, medical fees, and suffering, and pain to the interested party will pay using this kind of coverage. An individual’s legal fees can also be paid using this bodily injury coverage in a situation where the interested party decides to sue for further damages.

Coverage against property damage

If an individual is entirely responsible for any accident, he or she will be responsible for the damages that have occurred to another property or vehicle. The expenses incurred can be settled using property damage coverage. The total cost of repairing another vehicle which was involved in the accident and other damages done to a property will be paid using the property damage coverage. The legal fees can also be settled using this property damage coverage in case the other involved party makes a decision of suing for further damages on his or her car.

Comprehensive coverage

This type of coverage is usually not a must or is optional. An individual may consider adding to his or her policy since it aids in settling of expenses incurred from repairs that may be required for one’s car in the case of theft, fire, natural disaster, falling objects and so much more. After the deductible has been paid is the time the comprehensive coverage comes into effect.

Collision coverage

accidentFor a car owner, the collision coverage can be optional. It is usually considered by many car owners since it aids in the payment of repairs or replacement of an individual’s vehicle if one’s car rolls over or crashes into another vehicle. After the deductible has been paid is the time the collision coverage comes into effect. The limit that a person has selected on his policy is what will be covered.…