Stock brokers need to have a first degree preferably in any field of finance and the on-job-training of the same. There are also some exams and certifications that the stock brokers have to sit for and pass. Most of these degree courses are offered in almost all the universities. According to the recent Stock broker Salary revealed news many people have developed a keen interest in the field. There are also other institutions of higher learning that offer finance investments and securities degrees.


Who is a stock broker?

A stockbroker is also referred to as the securities sales agent or directly broker. His major role is to help the moneycustomers with investment management. They jointly work with their clients to determine how much to put in specific investments based on their financial goals. The securities sales agent also offers advice on the current investment opportunities and even suggests to the client special investment moves.

They usually earn based on commission for all the deal or transaction that they handle. They may also be involved with the management of the portfolio of the client as they continue sourcing for the additional investors.

Educational requirements

The securities sales agents are required to acquire a bachelor’s degree preferably in any field of finance. Some of the recommended commercial areas include Finance, Business, Economics, and Accounting just but to mention a few.

A master’s degree is not necessary, although many employers are currently asking for it especially for the advanced and managerial positions. Candidates with Masters in Business Administration are usually preferred in the advanced positions and may qualify for higher salaries, advancement, and hiring bonuses.


Most companies usually offer the on-job training to help the employees gain an understanding of the policies of the enterprise. Some of the areas covered during the training exercise include securities analysis, effective speaking, and selling. Different departments within a company may be trained different depending with their roles and job descriptions.

The stock brokers are advised to further their education while on their jobs. There are a refresher and short courses that help the stock brokers stay afloat with the current changes in the financial market. Seminars and workshops are also perfect places where the stock brokers can sharpen their skills and gain knowledge in the trading of inventories.


stock brokerTo be a stock broker needs years of training and education. Candidates need to have a strong commitment to the financial success of the co-employees, firm and the clients.

There is also the formal license and certifications that must be obtained.…