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Top Advantages Of using Digital Currencies

With the enhancement of technology more and more advancements have been encountered in the finance sector. If you are into matters of finance, then I believe you know how the latest and trending term in town which is cryptocurrency. These are digital currencies which are used when they are used in the digital world to make payments. The currencies will enable you to transfer funds without involving intermediaries or central bank. The famous type of digital currency is the Bitcoin which is known to have a high performance for the period it has been in use. When you chose to use digital currencies, you will experience a lot of advantages. Discussed in this article are some of these benefits you will get.

Have lower transaction fees

When you use credit cards when you are making payments, you will be charged the transaction fees. At times it bitcoinis very annoying when you make transactions which involve small amounts of money, and you have to pay for the transactions. The transaction costs will be a bit higher in case you are dealing with international transactions. If you are tired of the paying the high transaction costs, then digital currencies are here to help you. Digital currencies will charge lower fees or at times none when you are making transactions.

No chargebacks

bitcoinChargebacks will make you lose money because your bank details will be exposed. In most cases, credit cards have experienced a lot of fraud. However, when you use digital currencies, you will be able to avoid the fraud which has been experienced by most customers have used credit cards when making payments. Some customers are not genuine they will, but products use them for some time and then later claim the product is faulty and will want to return it. You can avoid such scenarios when you chose a digital currency like Bitcoins. When you use Bitcoins, you will not have any chargebacks.

Enhanced trust with customers

While you choose the digital currency as a way of making transaction, you will be enhancing the customer trust that they have on you. This is because the customers will be confident that their financial details will not be exposed because you will not need to store them on your computer. When customers use digital currencies, they will only provide a temporary code that is always encrypted when they are used in processing transactions. This whole aspect will make customers be comfortable and trust you when they are buying products from you.…

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Small Company Business Loans from Merchant Money

Merchant money seeks to help businesses grow. They do so by providing small business loans. The loans are flexible and easy to access. Merchant Money – small company business loans help individuals start small. They tailor their funding to meet the needs of the firm.

Great tips

How the business loan works

The company provides loans of up to £100,000. The application process is simple and only takes minutes. Within 24graph hours a decision concerning a loan will be made. In two hours your account will be accredited with your loan. Since they focus on growth, they will make sure you can repay comfortably. The terms of repayment will be done to suit your business profile. They will also access your business historically.

In case you settle your loan early, there are no penalty fees. Companies are allowed to pay more to bring down their interest cost. If a business has short-term cash flow concerns, they offer an interest only period. Merchant money doesn’t have application fees or obligations.

Advantages of business loans

Business loans from merchant’s money have enormous benefits. One of the favorable advantages is ease of access. With merchant money, you are guaranteed to have your money within 24 hours of application. After approval, you only have two hours to obtain your loan.

The application process is super-fast and easy. With merchant money, applying for a business loan only takes minutes. You do not need to have a business plan to apply. Their application form is straightforward.

With merchant money, you will never be Worried about loan terms. Merchant money wants businesses to succeed. They do so in surprising ways. They work with small business to provide the most convenient business loan repayment terms. The terms are specifically tailored to suit your business needs. With merchant money, the terms of repayment are made easy and flexible.

No security needed

moneyAnother significant advantage of business loans is no security is needed. Merchant money will access your business history but will not ask you for security. After filling their application, you are given logins to update additional information. No security will be requested.

Your loan will be approved and processed without attaching security.Merchant money also assures on no other charges. The interest rates are charged only on what you owe them. You also get a chance to reduce your interest if you pay more on a monthly basis.

Small business takes loans to facilitate the growth of their business. Support is what they require growing. Merchant money takes care of their needs. By providing loans, they make individual small businesses succeed.…


Why Merchant Lenders Are Crucial To Businesses

The relationship between merchant lenders and business owners is not an ordinary one. Businesses need quick cash advances at some times to solve an emergency or even expand. In fact, it is easier to get a merchant cash advance when you get a reliable lender. So, if you are wondering why these lenders are crucial to the business, then the following points will help you understand more.

Why merchant lenders are crucial to businesses

They offer fast loans access

approvedWhether you are looking for urgency funds and capital to start any business, you definitely need fast access to loans. It will help you solve the urgent need at hand and have enough time to solve other important matters. Well established merchant lenders do understand how crucial it is to avail the finance fast to a business person. In most cases, the approval will take a day or two with access to the approved amount following shortly after.

Reliable financing partner

If you are looking for a financing partner to help your business grow, then create a relationship with a merchant lender. Their aim is not to provide you with a one-off financing solution. Rather, they want to be by your side and offer financial help whenever necessary. All they need is a business which will make all efforts to repay in agreed terms and conditions without fail.

Lower and stable lending interest rates

While other financiers like the banks and microfinance keep on hiking their interest rates, merchant lenders keep them at low rates. In fact, it is possible to negotiate convenient interest rates depending on various factors like the amount repayment period and any other. Additionally, they will not keep on changing the lending interest rates like banks do with an excuse of the inflation rate.

Flexible repayment plansmoney

With an understanding that businesses revenue change each month, they allow room to renegotiate the repayment rates either on the higher or lower side. All a business person will need to do is notify in time when they realize the need to do so. Therefore, one will not feel tied to a static repayment plan which can be straining at some point.


From the above-discussed points. It is evident that merchant lenders make an important part of businesses. Whenever possible, a business needs to create a permanent relationship with one rather than having too many. Such a lender will understand all your needs and provide customized services.…